• Hotel Door Lock System Wifi App Controlled

Hotel Door Lock System Wifi App Controlled

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Product features

Six functions in one to unlock.

– Access via phone app.

– Access via Bluetooth app.

– M1 Card – Password – Wristband

- Can be unlocked with fast fingerprint recognition and mechanical key.

Easy to install and install, can be installed on right and left doors.

Unlock records can be checked with the phone app. Users can be authorized with settings such as temporary, permanent, one time, multiple times, time interval, day interval. Supports Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 and later.

When using Gateway with phone app:

– The lock is accessible wherever you are.

– Authorization can be made to desired persons.

– Expansion reports can be accessed.

When the battery runs out, external battery backup can be done. Battery status can always be viewed in the phone app.

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