Hospitality History

Hospitality is an industry with a long history. People have applied to hotel services since historical times when they needed to travel and need accommodation. However, in the modern sense, the hotel industry began to develop in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The concept of "hotel", which emerged in France at the beginning of the 19th century, has been influential in the birth of the modern hotel industry. During this period, hotels have become establishments that provide accommodation, meals and other services for people who travel. The "Hôtel de Ville" (Town Hotel), which is considered the first modern hotel in Paris, was opened in 1774.

With the effect of the Industrial Revolution, the hotel industry developed rapidly and spread throughout the world. The construction of railways and the facilitation of transportation increased the number of people traveling and contributed to the growth of the hotel industry.

In the 20th century, hotels became more diversified and modernized. Luxury hotels, resorts, motel chains and other types of accommodation have emerged. In addition, international hotel chains have grown and branded around the world.

Today, the hospitality industry has become a large industry worldwide. It operates in various fields such as hospitality businesses, accommodation, catering services, meeting and event services. With the rapid advancement of technology, online reservation systems, mobile applications and other digital innovations are widely used in the hotel industry.

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